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2008 Archives

Apr 7, 2008
Telecom operators are fighting back against Internet upstarts by transforming their service-layer architectures and business models, says Services Software Insider
Apr 7, 2008
Subscription Includes: Quarterly Channel Affinity Index, Global State of the Market Report and Channel Prescriptive Reports
Apr 4, 2008
A continued focus on infrastructure investment is leaving telcos unprepared for the transition to 'next-generation service providers,' says Heavy Reading
Apr 3, 2008
General Manager and Software Architect of Microsoft and VP of Marketing and Business Development, Sun Microsystems to discuss service-oriented devices and chip multi-threading
Apr 2, 2008
The Future of Software is Here: Leading Companies To Present Cutting Edge Solutions
Apr 1, 2008
Dr. Dobb's Journal - 'Best Print Magazine' for Software Development Community - continues to strengthens its product offerings
Mar 31, 2008
Special section of exhibit floor will showcase technologies that have the potential to change the competitive landscape of embedded systems industry
Mar 31, 2008
Global Leader in Business Technology Media Expands Web, Global and Customer-Facing Resources
Mar 31, 2008
Event Concentrated on Hardware and Software Trends that Solve Security and Storage Needs
Mar 28, 2008
Led by Brian Beckius, PropelX team will be announcing official entrance into Google Lunar X Prize competition at ESC Silicon Valley and demonstrating its moon rover
Mar 28, 2008
Sessions will focus on open source and China's developing intellectual property system
Mar 27, 2008
Landmark Evaluation Points Up Shortfalls in P2P Market
Mar 21, 2008
Attendees get an inside look at the innovative technologies that power the Orlon space suit, Sony OLED TV, Gibson Robot Guitar, and Sony Rolly through live product Teardowns
Mar 19, 2008
Attendees at Leading Enterprise Communications Event Pick ShoreTel
Mar 19, 2008
'Unconference' Examines Energy Saving Initiatives and Everything Green IT
Mar 19, 2008
Marc Andreessen, Max Levchin and Johnathan Schwartz Join Dozens of Others to Examine the Future of the Web
Mar 19, 2008
The emergence of the photonic integrated circuit will lead to massive changes in the way optical networks are built and deployed in the next decade, says Heavy Reading
Mar 10, 2008
Industry Leading Vendors Publicly Unveil New Products and Services for First Time
Mar 7, 2008
ESC Silicon Valley to offer this year's attendees over 200 conference classes and free VIA ARTiGO Builder kits with a copy of Windows CE 6.0 R2 and the Visual Basic Programming Tool
Mar 7, 2008
Inaugural Report Assesses Both Market Data and Industry Reputation to Determine that Nintendo Kyoto, Infinity Ward, and Blizzard Entertainment Top List of Development Studios for 2007
Mar 6, 2008
TechInsight's RFID World advisory board brings vendors and end users together to foster the evolution of the event into the global meeting place for the RFID industry
Mar 6, 2008
The 'Oscars' of Software Development Industry Honor Innovation and Technological Achievement