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2007 Archives

Jan 26, 2007
Industry's Barometer for Enterprise IP Telephony and Converged Communications to Focus on Systems, Software and Applications Payoffs
Jan 25, 2007
Sports Content and Programming a Primary Target, Seen as a Way to Generate Steady Revenue and Engender User Loyalty, According to Heavy Reading Research
Jan 25, 2007
President, SCE Worldwide Studios, to Share With Developers Creative and Commercial Opportunities Made Real by the Third Age of Video Games
Jan 24, 2007
Klein to Address Initiative's Potential as a Serious Games Platform on Day Two of Summit
Jan 24, 2007
Conference's Depth and Breadth Spans Wide-Range of Industry Applications
Jan 24, 2007
Samuel Klein to Address Initiative's Potential as a Serious Games Platform on Day Two of Summit
Jan 22, 2007
Creator of Game Icons Mario, Zelda, Donkey Kong, Nintendogs to Discuss His Creative Process
Jan 19, 2007
Reflects Increased Demand for Magazine and Companion Platforms
Jan 18, 2007
Research to be presented at XChange Eastern Europe, February 5-7 in Budapest, Hungary
Jan 17, 2007
Provider backbone transport is shaking up established thinking about how to deliver point-to-point services in the metro network area, says Light Reading Insider
Jan 17, 2007
Day Two Examines the Evolution of the Mobile Gaming Phenomenon
Jan 17, 2007
Entrepreneurs and Startup Companies Invited to Utilize Web 2.0 Expo as a Platform to Launch Their Company or New Products
Jan 16, 2007
The Company's Chief Strategist Discusses New Opportunities in the Serious Games Sector
Jan 15, 2007
Consumer Product Innovations and Technologies Dominate as Finalists Face Off
Jan 12, 2007
Dr. Dobb's to Host One-Day Conferences in Hyderabad (16 January), Chennai (17 January) and Bangalore (19 January)
Jan 12, 2007
New Series Devoted to Key Topics Driving the Channel
Jan 11, 2007
GDC to Host Exclusive Preview Exhibit of Award-Winning Art Featuring Dig-Dug, Donkey Kong, Pac-Man and More
Jan 9, 2007
First-Ever 'Best Mod' and 'Best Student Game' Prizes to Be Awarded at IGF Ceremony During GDC
Jan 8, 2007
The Yearlong Project will Define the Integration Industry through 2013 and Beyond
Jan 8, 2007
Given a confusing array of options, developing a comprehensive telematics strategy is crucial to protect moving enterprise assets, says Unstrung Enterprise Insider