CMP Media's InformationWeek and Network Computing Dominate the Competition in

Reach and Readership to IT Management

Oct 11, 2004

CMP Media's InformationWeek and Network Computing Magazines ranked No. 1 and 2 respectively in reach and readership to IT Management(1) -- the most powerful Business Technology buyers studied in the 2004 IntelliQuest Computer Industry Media Study (CIMS). This comes after a year of numerous industry awards, including accolades from Circulation Management Magazine, Maggie, and the American Society of Business Publications for both publications.

We're proud to be recognized consistently by IntelliQuest and other trusted sources for delivering the highest quality editorial products to the most critical buying audiences," said Michael Friedenberg, VP/Group Publisher, InformationWeek Media Network. "Our deep and long-lasting commitment and focus on serving Business Technology Executives allow us to deliver the most loyal, powerful audience of IT buyers to our advertising partners."

"These results are proof-positive that InformationWeek and Network Computing deliver the best '1, 2 punch' when it comes to reach and access to the most influential IT decision-makers in the market," added Fritz Nelson, VP/Group Publisher, Network Computing Enterprise Architecture Group. "Network Computing's focus on technology accountability has clearly resonated with our audience of technology decision-makers."

The IntelliQuest CIMS business study revealed that the IT Management target is the most powerful audience segment studied, with average spending of $433,000 annually on technology products and services. In comparison, the entire study's average influencer spends $69,000.(2)

InformationWeek and Network Computing delivers the best coverage to the IT Management target.

  Publications               Average Issue Audience:                   Rank
                              IT Management

  InformationWeek                 351,904                                1
  Network Computing               270,718                                2
  Computerworld                   260,913                                3
  CIO Magazine                    243,504                                4
  eWEEK                           227,160                                5
  InfoWorld                       193,097                                6
  Network World                   175,699                                7

Both InformationWeek and Network Computing also deliver the strongest coverage to IT Management professionals personally involved in the acquisition of the ten major product categories measured, including PCs/Notebooks/ Handhelds, Servers, Software, Printers, Peripherals, Storage Products, Networking (LAN/WAN), Wireless Equipment, Telecommunications, and Services (3,4).

Additionally, InformationWeek and Network Computing reach more loyal IT Management readers (those who read 3 or 4 out of the last 4 issues) than their respective competitors (4), and demonstrate greater reader affinity than any other publication in the IT category.

                    Reader Loyalty:        Examine ads          Read 75% or

                    Read 3 or 4 of 4    closely or extremely    more of an
                        issues               closely          average issue

  InformationWeek      231,452               120,675             164,079
  Network Computing    180,375               134,119             131,271
  CIO Magazine         185,073               107,601             130,524
  Computerworld        161,285               111,070             122,116
  eWeek                167,023                87,693             114,328
  InfoWorld            118,940                70,379              72,579
  Network World        123,600                85,737              91,007

These results are further proof that InformationWeek and Network Computing's editorial and circulation strategies are unparalleled in the IT market.

The just-released results also show that Network Computing and sister publication Network Magazine deliver a powerful complementary reach and composition of IT/Networking decision-makers to vendors.

As part of CMP's ongoing commitment to providing technology marketers with insight into the technology market, CMP's research team is available for further publication analysis and perspective of the 2004 IntelliQuest Computer Industry Media Study (CIMS).

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   1.  IT Management = Q10Q2 Primary Job Function IT related -- Application
       development/programming, Consulting, PC system support/ops, Internet
       system support/development, MIS/DP/IS/IT, Networking,
       Telecommunications AND Q10O Job title Any Management, or Q10O Job

       Title CIO/VP of MIS, IS, IT.
   2.  IT Management has the highest average spending for all IT products
       (including services) when compared to: IT Staff (Q Q10Q2 Primary Job
       Function Application development/programming, Consulting, PC system
       support/ops, Internet system support/development, MIS/DP/IS/IT,
       Networking, Telecommunications or Q10O Job Title MIS, IS, IT Staff
       AND Q10O Job title Any Non-Management); CXOs (Q10O Job title
       Chairman/CEO, Owner/Partner, President, Controller/Treasurer/CFO,
       Vice President/GM AND Q10Q2 Primary Job Function NON-IT related);
       Department managers (Q10O Job title Middle Management or Other
       Management AND Q10Q2 Primary Job Function NON-IT related); and Other
       end users (Q10O Job Title Technical Staff, Professional Staff,
       Consultant, Sales representative, Clerical/support staff, Office
       Manager, Other AND Q10Q2 Primary Job Function NON-IT related).
   3.  Publication's reach of IT Management involved in purchasing (Q3A):
       PCs/Notebooks/Handhelds, Servers, Software, Printers, Peripherals,
       Storage, Networking, Wireless Equipment, Telecommunications, and
   4.  InformationWeek's competitive set of publications includes:  CIO
       Magazine, Computerworld, eWEEK, and InfoWorld.  Network Computing
       competes against Network World.


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