Computer Associates Customers Voice Lukewarm Support Amid Management Battle, InternetWeek Survey Reveals

Nov 30, 1999

  WHAT:   The controversy surrounding Computer Associates International (CA)
          comes to a head on August 29 when shareholders vote on a proposal
          to remove co-founder and Chairman Charles Wang and three other
          board directors.  Investment group Ranger Governance Ltd. cites
          CA's "abuse" of customers as one reason to shake up management.

          But a new survey by InternetWeek suggests that customers aren't
          all that unhappy with CA, even if they're not jumping for joy.
          The telephone survey of 90 customers suggests that respondents are
          generally happy with the quality of products, service and support
          they receive.  Sentiments run lukewarm, however, with 87% of
          respondents describing CA's software as "good" (64%) or "fair"
          (23%), and only 12% offering an "excellent" rating.

          Additional survey findings include:

          * Asked to rate the overall quality of CA's service and support,
            nearly half of respondents said "good;" 31% said fair;" 8% said
            "excellent;" and 12% said "poor."
          * Asked to rate the ease of doing business with CA, 54% said
            "somewhat easy," while 30% said "somewhat difficult."  Only 7%
            said "very easy" and 9% said "very difficult."

          The InternetWeek survey does suggest that CA customers are engaged
          in the battle.  Asked if they were concerned about CA's stability
          and focus in the wake of recent criticisms about its accounting
          practices, 72% of respondents said they were either "very
          concerned" (22%) or "somewhat concerned" (50%).  Another 22% said
          they were "not at all" concerned.

          The InternetWeek survey includes additional statistics that would
          supplement a story surrounding the controversial August 29 proxy
          election.  In addition, InternetWeek Editor in Chief Rob Preston
          is available to comment on the CA issue and offer more insight
          into the survey results.  The full story and survey are available
          on the Web at and in the August
          27 issue of InternetWeek.

  WHEN:   Friday, August 24 and Monday, August 27

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