CMP Media's Independent Testing Services Validate ForeScout's Worm-Busting Claims

Oct 6, 2004

Independent Testing Services powered by Network Computing Labs™ (ITS) recently completed an independent validation testing report for ForeScout Technologies' WormScout product. During the months of July and August 2004, ITS tested and verified that WormScout automatically identified and blocked several well-known worms, as well as ITS-developed unknown worms, also referred to as "zero-day" worms.

"As we do in all of our testing engagements, we took great pains to create a test environment that mimics the conditions and characteristics of representative enterprise environments," said Kevin Cooke, Director of Independent Testing Services. "WormScout was able to not only contain the activities of an ultra-aggressive and intelligent worm of our own creation, but did so while protecting the vast majority of host systems in our real- world test environment."

ITS prides itself on its expertise and ability to not only craft the right test objectives, but in creating the environment in which to test the products, technologies and services that matter most to enterprise IT buyers and decision makers. "We were very impressed by the technical expertise and rigorous testing methodology that ITS employed while conducting this test," said Oded Comay, CTO of ForeScout Technologies.

"ForeScout is very gratified to have our claims, that WormScout can automatically suppress and contain known and unknown network worms validated by CMP Media's Independent Testing Services. It is no wonder that one hundred percent of our customers have turned on the automatic blocking feature of WormScout because of its accuracy" continued Comay. "So many companies assert that they can stop worms in real time. I challenge them to undergo this same type of testing. In the future, enterprise customers will be able to buy products that actually live up to vendors' claims."

With this inaugural validation test, ITS ushers in a new era of third-party testing. Testing that remains true to technology consumers by providing technology vendors a respected and objective testing service that delivers impartial assessments that go well beyond marketing hype.

About Independent Testing Services

Independent Testing Services powered by Network Computing Labs™ (ITS) offers a credible and well-respected third-party validation of vendors' product feature claims. The expert practitioners at ITS draw upon their vast experience and expertise to craft test plans with the same care and attention to real-world relevance as found in the pages of Network Computing Magazine. For more information about our testing services, please visit us at .

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CMP Media LLC ( ) is a leading integrated media company providing essential information and marketing services to the entire technology spectrum-the builders, sellers and users of technology worldwide. Capitalizing on its editorial strength, CMP is uniquely positioned to offer marketers comprehensive, integrated media solutions tailored to meet their individual needs. Its diverse products and services include newspapers, magazines, Internet products, research, direct marketing services, education and training, trade shows and conferences and custom publishing.

About ForeScout Technologies

ForeScout's enterprise network security solutions focus on providing real- time, automated protection against fast-spreading worms and malicious hacker attacks. ForeScout offers two families of products to ensure network availability and business continuity. WormScout products suppress and contain worms at key points inside the network, while ActiveScout products dynamically block hackers and other threats at the network perimeter. ForeScout headquarters are located in Cupertino, California. More information can be found at. .

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